Protect your family and deliver peace of mind.

A new standard of safety in the residential market.

When you are investing into building a new home or renovations, fire safety should be a major priority.

The housing industry is seeing an unprecedented boom as the demand for homes is at an all-time high without any signs of slowing down.  Homes are being built closer together as lot sizes continue to shrink and the use of new synthetic materials offering more affordable design options to consumers for new builds and renovations continues to rise.   Accelerated building schedules paired with consumer demand to keep costs low poses a new set of concerns and challenges to modern day builds and renovations related to fire safety and hazards.


modern home materials
and furnishings ignite up
to 10x quicker


modern home materials
and furnishings can
produce up to 250x more
toxic smoke.

Fire doubles in size every 30 seconds.

Every 82 seconds, a residential house fire occurs.

One civilian fire-related death occurs every 144 minutes.

NeroShield slows the burn rate of these modern materials, reducing the threat to your family’s health.

Why Choose NeroShield


Safety and

Highly effective at reducing the spread of flames and smoke caused by fire, helping to save lives and stop further property damage.


Ease of

Our quick apply and dry technology can be incorporated into new and ongoing projects with minimal delay to other trades or crucial timelines.



At a lower price point than most modern-day material upgrades, Neroshield can provide premium protection and security at an affordable price.


One Time

Our product solutions offer a non-invasive spray on application process that can be applied to wood and other substrates that have been shown to provide fire protection once properly applied.


No Design
Value Loss

Our products come in either clear or white application and can be tinted for visual inspection where necessary.


Tested and

Neroshield products are extensively third party tested, audited and listed by accredited ISO 17025 facilities, are code complaint and meet several international building code requirements.

It is every homeowners’ worst nightmare – a house fire! This can be caused by several things from faulty wiring or malfunction, an accident in the kitchen, severe weather, or simple carelessness but whatever the reason, it can have a detrimental impact on you, your loved ones, and your property.  

Neroshield offers peace of mind as well as a high level of reliability and affordability while providing you an early adopter advantage to the next global market staple in fire safety and protection.

Neroshield™ is pleased to offer a new innovative product solution that can bridge the gap between keeping costs low and keeping your family safe.

How NeroShield Protects you

Will ignite within three minutes
Limits ignition of fire on treated surfaces
Limits flame spread to other rooms
Gives you significantly more time to get your family and pets out safely
Minimizes property