/ Tested and Certified

Neroshield products are extensively third party tested, audited and manufactured by accredited ISO 17025 facilities, are code compliant, environmentally friendly and can meet several domestic and international code requirements.

1-2 hour rating on wood, gypsum and steel

ASTM E119/UL 263

Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building
Construction and Material


Fire Endurance Tests of Building Construction
and Materials

Class A Rating

ASTM E84/UL 723

Surface Burning Characteristic of
Building Materials


Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning
Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies

Rated for fabrics and textiles

NFPA 701

Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame
Propagation of Textiles and Films


Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films

Wall coverings, drapery and upholstery


Interior Finish, Decorative Materials
and Furnishings

CAL TB 117

(UFAC Class1, & NFPA 260)

Leather and fabric upholstery used in occupant compartments of motor vehicles

MVSS 302

Flammability of Interior Materials

Treated fabric and textiles have successfully
tested to this standard

FAA/FAR 25.853a

Flammability Requirements for Aircraft Seat Cushions

Required by NFPA 2112, the industry standard on flame resistant garments and protective clothing of industrial personnel against flash fire

ASTM D6413

Standard Test Method for Flame Resistance
of Textiles (Vertical Test)

ASTM F2700

Standard Test Method for Unsteady-State
Heat Transfer Evaluation of Flame-Resistant
Materials for Clothing with Continuous Heating

ASTM D3776

Standard Test Methods for Mass Per Unit Area
(Weight) of Fabric

ASTM D1777

Standard Test Method for
Thickness of Textile Materials

We have attained and continue to acquire proper ratings and approvals for multiple industry sectors and work closely with leading governing bodies to ensure we are meeting current and upcoming requirements.