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to create, innovate and change the way the world views fire

NeroshieldTM is in the business of the development and sale of advanced green-tech, biodegradable, non-toxic chemical solutions designed to impart fire retardancy to a wide array of substrate materials that can be applied to a multitude of sectors.

We offer a revolutionary new technology created to be a highly effective and preventative fire retardant.  Our product can be field applied or part of OEM manufacturing processes and can be applied topical or mixed into existing materials.  NeroshieldTM can withstand temperatures of up to 2500 Degrees Fahrenheit and has been extensively tested and shown to provide superior fire-retardant protection and endurance with proper application. NeroshieldTM can help to reduce the spread of fire as well as effectively block the transmission of conductive and radiant heat from fire at higher-than-normal temperatures while limiting the release of toxic smoke and fumes into the environment.

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/ Industry Sectors

A key focus on Industry Sectors

Construction and Building Material

Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors working with wood, gypsum, metal, and steel fabrications.

Fire Fighters and Emergency Response

From uniforms and bunker gear to offering safe alternatives to toxic materials used in the field, we offer safe, functional and economical solutions to protect the brave individuals who protect us.

Fabrics and Textiles

From drapery and wall coverings to upholstery fabrics, carpet, uniforms, and more!


Planes, trains, and automobiles, we can treat the interior and exterior components and make ups of these vessels to provide a solution that is both safe and cost effective.


We work closely with governing bodies and key individuals to offer a safe and effective alternative to current methods and materials to help combat forest fires and protect surrounding land and structures.

Shipping and Logistics

From pallets and boxes to packing materials and the facilities they are housed in, our unique product can be used to treat them all

/ Product advantages

Neroshield offers an innovative line of highly effective fire-retardant solutions for a growing number of industry sectors

/ 01

Free from bromides, halogens and other banned or toxic substances.

Neroshield offers water-based, eco-friendly solutions that are PFAS free, fluorine free, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic to humans, pets, and the environment.

/ 02

When fire is present, treated materials will not ignite or spread flames.

Neroshield treated products limit fire to its initial fuel source and eliminate after glow and burn back while providing high heat transfer protection and rapid cooling properties.

/ 03

Can be applied
on-site and at manufacturing facilities.

Neroshield offers true product versatility to multiple sectors.  Our non-corrosive solutions can adhere to and penetrate multiple surfaces and materials offering a continuous layer of fire protection.  Our solutions are compatible with most existing equipment, offer easy application and clean up and allow you to do more with less, helping save on time and costs no matter the application.

Testing and Accreditations

We have attained and continue to acquire proper ratings and approvals for multiple industry sectors and work closely with leading governing bodies to ensure we are meeting current and upcoming requirements.

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/ Testing Achievements

NeroshieldTM products have achieved superior ratings when tested to several market standards.


About NeroShield

Neroshield™ is in the business of the development and sale of advanced green-tech, biodegradable, non-toxic chemical solutions designed to impart fire retardancy to a wide array of substrate materials that can be applied to a multitude of sectors.

Our Goal is for Neroshield™ to be the world’s most recognized fire-retardant product application available and to strategically align ourselves with partners who share in our vision.

We have developed a sophisticated team of individuals and subject matter experts well versed in chemical compositions, formulations, material processing and handling as well as IP development and product commercialization with diverse experience in leading companies to success. Our team possesses the experience and expertise to create, develop, innovate, build, and scale chemical technologies and bring them to market in a safe and efficient manner.

We have strategically aligned our company with key chemical composition specialists who possess decades of experience in industrial chemical and specialty product manufacturing. Having worked with the largest chemical suppliers worldwide, our partners possess the ability to procure, produce and provide product in a quick and efficient manner. Their business models and philosophies are mirrored and molded to the highest standards to meet and exceed all stringent quality and environmental audits and expectations set forth internally. All facilities are ISO and UL certified, governing body inspected and environmentally friendly ensuring and allowing us quick and easy accessibility to product development and output as well as further product testing and certification.

Neroshield is a solution to all things fire. The technologies and ability to help treat, prevent, and mitigate damage are truly endless. The opportunity to specifically work with companies directly and offer custom blends for integrations into existing and new products is something we continue to strive towards and look forward to growing our current and new relationships.

Neroshield will continue to do our part to help minimize the unnecessary loss and damages caused by fire.