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NeroshieldTM is an industry leader of innovative fire retardant and protective solutions that can enhance the quality, strength, smoke, and flame spread of treated building materials, bringing a new expected standard of safety to market for new and existing residential and commercial developments.

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NeroShield is a quick dry, spray on technology that was created to be a highly effective and preventative fire-retardant that can reduce the spread of smoke and flames, contain fire locally and prevent it from spreading further, ensuring optimal safety, and minimizing risk while providing more time for you and your family to get to safety, preventing further property damage and allowing fire fighters more time to respond.  Our products are non-toxic, water based, and eco-friendly making them a safe choice for consumers, animals, and the environment.

Our product can meet building code compliance as a viable alternative solution to traditional methods of protection from flame spread and smoke development while reducing labor costs and increasing property value.  Neroshield™ offers peace of mind as well as a high level of reliability and affordability while providing an early adopter advantage to the next global market staple in fire safety and protection.        

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Neroshield™ is available nationwide in Canada and the USA through our internal sales and application team.
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